Cookies Policy

This policy applied to cookies and the website maintained by Heli Air Services JSC, VAT number BG 121448470 with headquarter - office building Heli Air, 1540 Sofia Airport - North, Sofia, Bulgaria, email address:; phone number +359 2 942 93 11.

What are the cookies?

Cookies are the files (set of information) stores on a user's computer for the purpose of improving the use of the website. These filed allow the user to be recognized and the website to be adapted to their preferences. The cookies usually contain basic information such as the name of the website they belong to, the time they are stores on the user's computer, and a unique number. The cookies may contain information chosen by the website owners.

What are the cookies used for?

Cookies are used to tailor the content of the website to the preferences of the individual user and to optimize the use of the particular website. They are also used to produce anonymous general statistics that help us understand how a user works with the websites, which helps us improve the structure and content while having access to the user's personal information.

Exemplary Cookie App

- verification of a registered user of a website as a part of the process of logging in or first registering on the site, without requiring the user to re-enter a user name and password on each subsequent access to that site

- maintaining a "shopping basket" for selected items to buy from a supported site during one session for personalizing a site (presenting different pages to different users).

Do the cookies contain personal information?

Personal information that is accumulated through cookies can only be used to perform certain operations for the user. Such information is encrypted in a way that makes it impossible for unauthorized persons to access it.

Cookies deletion

As a rule, applications used for surfing in websites allow you to save cookies by default. This setting can be changed so that automatic cookie storage is blocked in the web browser or the user is informed each time cookies are stored on the computer. Detailed information about the different ways of using cookies can be found in the web browser application settings.

Cookies restriction

Cookies may be restricted by your browser settings, but may also affect some features of the website.