About us

Heli Air Services JSC was established in 1990 and it has a 30-year history. The activities that we execute are specific to the aviation market as we offer a wide range of aviation services based on charter flights with specialized aircraft.


The main activities of the company are the following:

  • Flights
  • Transportation of passengers and cargo on international and domestic routes
  • Transportation of passengers, personnel and cargo for humanitarian and peacekeeping operations 
  • Maintenance support of helicopters Agusta A109 and airplanes Let L-410

Since 1997 Heli Air Services JSC has been operating in support of United Nations programmes and UN World Food Program   me. We have an excellent reputation as a reliable operator that has completed thousands of flying hours in hard to reach and troubled countries such as Angola, Guinea. Mozambique, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, Sudan, South Sudan, Central African Republic, Afghanistan, Somalia and others.


  • Airplanes Let L-410
  • Cessna 560 XLS


Our advantages

  • Years of experience in specialized aviation activities
  • Highly qualified engineering, flight and operational personnel certified according to the European standards
  • We have our own maintenance center

History of operations

For over 30 years Heli Air Services has been operating primarily outside Bulgaria, mainly in Africa and Asia in support of UN missions and the World Food Programme of the United Nations.

In addition to our participation in many humanitarian missions, we had performed long-term passenger flights to Malta, the Maldives, England, Italy and Greece. Heli Air Services JSC had also had long-term contracts for cargo flights, emergency medical flights, firefighting flights in Portugal and Turkey, and other specialized activities. 

Certificates and Licenses

Heli Air Services is an Aviation Operator certified by the Bulgarian Civil Aviation Administration. We maintain and possess the following documents that meet and comply with European regulatory framework:

  • Air Operator Certificate (AOC) for airplanes Let L-410 and Cessna Citation XLS 
  • Maintenance organization approval certificate for airplanes Let L-410 and Agusta А109 Series helicopters
  • Continuing airworthiness management organization approval certificate for airplanes Let L-410 and helicopters Agusta A109 Series