Firefighting flights


Helicopters are considered to be irreplaceable during firefighting operations due to their operational efficiency, capacity and superior flight performance. Тhe ability of our Mil-8 helicopters to carry large volumes of water allows our crew to attack the fire directly from the air.

Thanks to the great performance of our Mil-8 helicopters, our highly experienced crew and perfect teamwork we can provide great results during aerial firefighting operations.

During forest fire fighting we can perform as well:

  • inspection and surveillance flights above the forests
  • transportation of firefighters to operational sites
  • transportation of firefighters and their descent through a winch at a height of 40 m above terrain
  • transportation of fire extinguishing substances, equipment, unreeling of fire extinguishers and related facilities
  • transportation and dropping of fire extinguishing equipment up to 100 kg by means the winch at a height of 40 m above terrain

Our helicopters have performed successfully many firefighting flights in Portugal, Turkey and Bulgaria based on long term agreements.